Get a decision in 24 hrs!*


STEP 1: Gather required documents: PROOF OF INCOME  &  PHOTO ID for you AND your cosigner

STEP 2: Complete the APPLICATION  &  UPLOAD REQUIRED DOCUMENTS for you AND your cosigner

STEP 3: Pay the non-refundable application fee of $49.95 and electronically sign your application





our rental criteria  includes the verification and evaluation of the following:

proof of income - to help determine if you/your cosigner can afford the rent

credit/payment history - to help determine if you/your cosigner pay bills on time 

criminal conviction/eviction history - for the safety and security of all our residents




Cosigner/Guarantor Requirement: Any applicant with less than 2 years of rental history must have a cosigner. A cosigner is typically a parent, relative, or close friend, with a positive payment/credit history and enough extra income to pay your rent if you don't. They will sign the lease with you and will be liable in the unlikely event that you fail to pay any rent or fees.


What is Proof of Income: Applicants and cosigners may include either pay stubs, bank statements, or Student Award Letters. Cosigners must provide proof that they have enough income beyond their current bills, to pay the applicant's rent. Cosigners may include spouse income, social security, retirement, etc. BLACK OUT ANY SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS, ACCOUNT NUMBERS, OR DATES OF BIRTH BEFORE UPLOADING DOCUMENTS.

The Online Application: Each applicant AND cosigner MUST complete the online application. We strongly recommend completing your application at the same time, by entering the resident information where it says "Applicant" and the cosigner information where it says "Cosigner/Guarantor". REMEMBER: Upload required documents -proof of income and photo identification - please black out dates of birth.  

Application Fee Payment: The application processing fee is $49.95 and is non-refundable. This fee is not a deposit; it will not be applied to any rent, nor refunded, even if the application to lease is declined. Selah Properties offers equal housing opportunities.

(*Application processing times may vary based on completeness of applications and volume of applicants)