Townhouse Inspections as stated in your Lease Agreement




4.4  INSPECTIONS: Lessee agrees to permit the Lessor or his agents to enter the Premises at reasonable hours for the purpose of making routine inspections and repairs.



4.3  WHEN WE MAY ENTER: If you or any guest or occupant is present, then repairers, service personnel, contractors, our representatives, may peacefully enter the Leased Premises at reasonable times for the purposes listed below. If nobody is in the Leased Premises, then such persons may enter peacefully and at reasonable times by duplicate or master key (or by other means when necessary) if:




(1) written notice of the entry is left in a conspicuous place in the Leased Premises immediately after the entry; and
entry is for: responding to your request; making repairs or replacements; estimating repair or refurbishing costs; performing pest control; doing preventive maintenance; checking for water leaks; changing filters; testing or replacing detection device batteries; retrieving unreturned tools, equipment, or appliances; preventing waste of utilities; exercising our contractual lien; leaving notices; delivering, installing, reconnecting, or replacing appliances, furniture, equipment, or security devices; removing or re-keying unauthorized security devices; unauthorized window coverings; stopping excessive noise; removing health or safety hazards (including hazardous materials), or items prohibited under Lessor rules; perishable foodstuffs if your electricity is disconnected; removing unauthorized animals; retrieving property owned or leased by former residents; inspecting when immediate danger to person or property is reasonably suspected; allowing entry by a law officer with a search or arrest warrant, or in hot pursuit; showing Leased Premises to prospective residents (after move-out or vacate notice has been given); or showing Leased Premises to government representatives for the limited purpose of determining housing and fire ordinance compliance, and to lenders, appraisers, contractors, prospective buyers, or insurance agents.