Guest Policy

What is the Guest Policy?

You must notify the property manager, Selah Properties LLC, in writing of all overnight guests (use the form below for your notice) and no guests are allowed to stay for more than 5 consecutive days. Guests may never sleep in townhouse common areas.




*Complete your request at least 48 hours in advance of your overnight guest's arrival*




Reasons we don't allow unauthorized occupants, frequent overnight guests, and subletting:


1. Overcrowding this means you have more than the authorized number of people allowable living in the space you rent. This may become a fire safety issue.


2. Utility Overuse this means that the building utilities are being used at a greater rate to accommodate more people which means that you and all other residents must pay the utilities overages and a possible increase in rents.


3. Community Safety & Security when we have people living in our buildings that are not members of our community, they have not been subject to the same criminal background check as everyone else. It compromises the safety of all of our residents.





3.4 Guests are individuals who are not listed as residents on the lease agreement and who are visiting, on a non-regular and short term basis, including overnight visits. Overnight guests shall not be permitted to remain in the leased unit except as provided in this guest policy. A resident must report all overnight guests in writing to the Property Manager. 


Guests must not stay in the leased unit for more than five (5) consecutive nights OR stay for shorter periods of time on a recurring and regular basis. A Guest Registration Form is available for this purpose and must be completed indicating the name of the guest, place of residence of the guest and the duration of the stay.  


Any person staying on the leased premises as a guest must be capable of providing verifiable proof of their place of residence. Should a guest be requested to demonstrate proof of residence, such proof shall include documentation such as a copy of a lease; current rent receipts, the guest's household bills, currently issued photo identification or other current official government documents.